The Curious Case of Pinnacle and the Bikinis – Part 2

Pinnacle Runway Pty Ltd v Triangl Limited [2019] FCA 1662 (10 October 2019) is a curious case in more ways ...
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The Curious Case of Pinnacle and the Bikinis

Facts The case of Pinnacle Runway Pty Ltd v Triangl Limited [2019] FCA 1662 (10 October 2019) considered whether Pinnacle’s ...
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I paid for it – why don’t I own it? – the copyright trap

If your business commissions a graphic artist to create a logo and brand collateral for the business, who owns the ...
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Information to help businesses self-file trade mark applications

Many businesses are filing their own trade mark applications, which can save costs as opposed to using an attorney firm ...
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Unity of purpose – new test for control of trade mark use

The Full Court of the Federal Court has overturned a finding that a trade mark owner did not control the ...
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Three Myths about Commercial Agreements

Having practised for over 25 years, I know that there are certain misconceptions about drafting commercial agreements: All that a ...
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Do you give warranties against defects about your services?

Do you say eg “All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months”? If so, are you ready for the change in ...
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Is copying another’s product legal?

This question was answered “no” in the case of Lumen Australia Pty Ltd v Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd [2018] FCA ...
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Is a descriptive trade mark the best for your business?

Businesses often choose a trade mark that exactly describes their business or product eg Smith & Co Plumbing, being the ...
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Substantially identical trade marks

The November 2018 edition of Law Institute Journal has published my article on substantially identical trade marks. This can be ...
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