Use unlicensed software at your peril

Nowadays a business could not operate without software – accounting, CRM, project management, communications software etc.  But what happens if the business is to be sold to another entity?  Normally a business uses software under a copyright licence.  It does not own the software outright. If a new entity is to take over the business, […]

Using a company’s logo to criticise the company

AGL v GreenpeaceAGL, an Australian energy company, used the logo: AGL claimed ownership of the copyright in this logo as well as having registered the logo as a trade mark. Copyright works can include artistic works, such as a logo, and literary works, including business documents. Greenpeace has a long history of environmental activism. It […]

Fearless Girl meets Australian Intellectual Property Law

Fearless Girl is the name of a bronze statue of a strong and confident girl created by Kristen Visbal and installed in New York City in 2017.  The statue was funded by financial company State Street US and its unveiling was timed to coincide with a marketing campaign by State Street US that sought to […]

Is copying another’s product legal?

This question was answered “no” in the case of Lumen Australia Pty Ltd v Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd [2018] FCA 1807but the answer may be different in other circumstances. The facts Lumen supplied Frontline with electronic automotive components for inclusion in towbar kits that were supplied by Frontline to Mitsubishi and Mazda.  Frontline, for profit […]

The Internet is not the Wild West – (although it can seem to be)

Some people seem to think that no laws apply to the Internet – or that anything that appears on the Internet is free to be copied and used however they like. This is not true. Much of the material on the Internet is protected by copyright laws, both in Australia and around the world. Certain […]

I paid for it – why don’t I own it? – the copyright trap

If your business commissions a graphic artist to create a logo and brand collateral for the business, who owns the copyright in the artwork?  Have you thought about this? It is important that businesses do think about copyright ownership when commissioning third parties to create artistic works and literary works.  These works can include: logos; […]